Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Gamespot: “The soundtrack […] is marvelous.”

Gamezone: “The musical score for the game is glorious.”

Ten Ton Hammer: “[…] the music […] is astounding.”

“[…] the 5.1 and music that emerged from the game was awe-inspiring.”

“Rarely have I experienced music that I truly enjoyed with an MMOG […], yet the music within AoC was a testament to my ears. Whenever I would enter a new zone, I’d often turn up my speakers just to hear the crescendo of vocal lyrics and instrumental majesty.”

“[…] the most sonorous, ethnically-fueled soundtrack ever to accompany an MMORPG.”

IGN: “The game’s […] audio is absolutely outstanding.”

Warcry: “outstanding music”

“The […] music in 7.1 is mind-blowing, to say the least.”

“[…] take that epic orchestral sound that you might find in movies like Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, Conan the Barbarian (of course), Braveheart, and Highlander, and that’s what you might find in Age of Conan.”

“My advice: take the CD and play it in your car, put the tracks on your iPod, make A Hymn for King Conan the bridal waltz at your wedding, what ever!”

NRK: “[…] the music is fantastic […]”

Gamer 2.0: “[…] the music really steals the show.”

“[…] in most other MMO’s, the music is one of the first things that will get turned off. That’s not likely to happen in this game.”

Game Focus: ” […] you would expect [the music] on a movie soundtrack such as The Lord of the Rings, epic, emotional, moving and powerful are words that come to mind for every piece of music you will hear in the game.”

Cheatcode central: “Age of Conan’s music is so well done that players will be hard pressed to find an excuse to stream their MP3s instead.”


Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer:

Massively: “peerless musical score”

G4TV: ”The authentic-sounding, powerful Eastern Soundtrack is in a class by itself.”

Jeuxvideo: “sublime soundtrack”

TenTonHammer: “No game has a better soundtrack than AoC.”

“[…] the soundtrack is unique and compelling.”

“You just don’t get tired listening to the background music in AoC, unlike most other games.”

IGN: “The music is extremely high-quality.”

“The music, for me, was the strongest stand-alone aspect of the expansion.”

“Each new track is well-composed and arranged, many with an eastern flavor, and each suits its environment and context.”

Gamestar: “Goosebump soundtrack. 10/10”

Hardgame2: ”[The music] deserves a special mention, as it is extremely pleasing to the ear. Before we knew it, we were humming some of the tunes from the game.”

Gameliner: “The music is a joy to the ear.”


Age of Conan: The Savage Coast of Turan

TenTonHammer: “The game’s […] music is still the best in the MMOG market.”

MMORPG: “The soundtrack is absolutely epic and as a player who normally mutes the music straight away due to being insanely picky; I was surprised to find it hard to play without music. The soundtrack fits perfectly and helps to set the mood for each distinct region within the world. 10/10”

Massively: “Underscoring all of this is new orchestral music from Knut Avenstroup Haugen, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, please Funcom, sell us a CD or MP3 album right bloody now.”



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