Lords of the Fallen nominated for HMMA

Knut has yet again been nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards! This time for the theme from the video game Lords of the Fallen. This is Knut’s fifth nomination for this prestigious award. The game will hit the shelves on October 28./31. in the US and rest of the world respectively and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Knut scores Lords of the Fallen

Knut scores the “Lords of the Fallen”. The action/RPG video game is developed by CI Games and Deck 13 and published by CI Games. It will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28./31. (US/Rest of the world). The score was recorded by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra with soloists in Oslo, Edinburgh and London.

COOLMUSIC Interactive website is now live

Knut is now being represented by Darrell Alexander of COOLMUSIC Interactive. Joining him are some of the most talented composers in the gaming industry. The new CMI website is now live. Check it out at: www.coolmusicinteractive.com

Christmas in Pinchcliffe gets top reviews

Solan and Ludvig – Christmas in Pinchcliffe (Jul i Flåklypa) receives top reviews from the Norwegian press: The heartwarming family film receives sixes (top score) and fives from all leading newspapers. Knut recorded the score with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (Kringkastingsorkesteret), a jazz band and some of Norway’s finest instrumental soloists.

Age of Conan at Video Games in Concert

Music from Age of Conan will once again be performed in concert. This time at the “Video Games in Concert” event in Karlsruhe, Germany, on October 20. The Young Classic Sound Orchestra will be performing The City or Ardashir, Northern Grasslands and All Heroes Unite! from Savage Coast of Turan and Rise of the Godslayer respectively. The program includes among others music from Tomb Raider, James Bond 007 Bloodstone and Bioshock 2.

Age of Conan with Gävle Symphony Orchestra

Gävle Symphony Orchestra and choir performed music from Age of Conan at the “SCORE – Orchestral Game Music” concert on Saturday, October 12. The Combat track from Secrets of Dragon’s Spine, was performed live for the first time. The concert also included pieces from The Last of Us, Skyrim, Halo, L.A. Noire, Journey and Dead Space 2, to mention but a few.

Secrets of Dragon’s Spine nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Award

Knut has once again been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA). This time it’s the massive soundtrack for Age of Conan: Secrets of Dragon’s Spine that has earned him a nomination for best score in a video game. The award show takes place at the Fonda Theater on November 21. Samples from the score can be found on the Music page.

Age of Conan at Joystick 5.0

Friday May 31. and Saturday June 1., All Heroes Unite and a brand new orchestration of Nighttime Journey from Age of Conan will be performed at the famed Joystick 5.0 event in Malmö, Sweden. The concert will feature a selection of the finest game music ever composed and Jason Graves will be present, conducting his own music from Tomb Raider and Dead Space 2 and 3. Hosted by Orvar Säfström and featuring the Malmö Symphony Orchestra with soprano Sabina Zweiacker and conducted by Charles Hazlewood, it will be a concert that shouldn’t be missed.

Knut to score Roman epic

Knut has been commissioned to score the two-part Roman epic “Fallen Eagle” depicting the lives of a troubled Roman War-Lord and a restless young princess, set in a world of mystery, myths and legends. The first film of the series is called “Broken Wings” and is currently in pre-production. The production company has made the following statement:

“Fallen Eagle: Broken Wings” will be filming on location in Malta June 2013. The Director Ilyas Kaduji is very pleased to have the pleasure of working with Knut Avenstroup Haugen to score the movie. He commented in a recent interview, “It’s an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to be working with such a talented and rising composer as Knut is. His emotional and driving melodies have inspired me when I was developing the storyline for the film and to finally be working with him to bring my vision to life is an honor for me”. The film is set in the ancient world and it will follow the journey of a warrior and a philosopher on their quest for meaning and answers. This will be a movie where myth and legend will meet history and art.

Age of Conan at Nordic Film Composers Awards

Music from Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer will be performed by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra at the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Awards ceremony on April 21.. The performances are a part of a concert featuring the nominated composers as well as some of the best known Norwegian film composers. The HARPA Awards 2012 were presented in Reykjavik, Iceland. This year the event takes place in Trondheim during the Cosmorama film festival and the film music days.